How To FINALLY Craft Your Own Minecraft Tools

How To FINALLY Craft Your Own Minecraft Tools

Ever since its release in 2009, Minecraft has fascinated and intrigued people of all backgrounds and ages, especially those who really love to see their favorite cityscapes, vistas and giant construction projects come to life in a digital computer game setting. With these amazing Minecraft tools, you can call yourself a true Minecraft super fan so that even when you are away from your computer or busy traveling you still have these awesome life-sized tools at your disposal.

For many, Minecraft is much more than just a computer game, it is a whole different universe where some of the best digital works of art come to life, and where everything in your surroundings can be manipulated to create whatever you can possibly imagine in a 3D space. There are millions of players of Minecraft and in just a few short years it has achieved almost a cult game status, with players always working to build the next ultimate digital landscape. As most people are aware and as the name suggests, the basics of the game include mining materials with the mining pick, placing those materials to build structures, and fighting off foes that appear at night with the sword. There are many variations of the game and different mods and settings but this is essentially the basic goal of the game: to survive and construct anything you can dream up with the sky as the limit. This process is oftentimes painstaking, with creators spending weeks and even months working to create landscapes, building lifts and doors with redstone circuitry to power them and even spaceships and pirate ships that can be explored and built precisely to scale.

Constructing block by block it can take dozens of hours or more to create one landscape, which is why it requires a great deal of patience and commitment by the players. That is why these players deserve recognition and respect, for making digital art for others amusement. The perfect way to achieve super fan Minecraft status would definitely be to build these real life tools that are shown in the linked instructions below. They are built perfectly to scale so that every single pixel is included in the tools and they make a great decoration for anyone who loves Minecraft as much as the pros do. The best part is you can easily make them yourself using scrap wood, a cutout design and a little spray-paint at virtually no cost!

Now you too can see this incredible design on how to create real-life Minecraft tools for your own personal collection! Please click the link below to the Instructables website now for instructions, photos and more to show that youre the ultimate Minecraft fan.

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